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Frontline Returns!

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I know @bonlan and I will be finishing level 10 next week and getting our new AE Phase 1's. Sent from my SM-G960W using Tapatalk

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Think I'm sitting at 2.10ish... Still a long way to catch up. Made up some decent ground with a bunch of Generals and Majors this past week considering how few matches I actually played. If I took a week off work to grind... I might just be able to get back on track. :lolsign

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I think I'm at 4.22. A little behind the 1 per month. This past week wasn't great for me time-wise, but the July week looks like it's going to fall well for me. Of course, takes me longer because I don't get many Generals or Majors. I got one General last week. As the week goes on, the number of Captains and Majors goes up though as I get a better feel for where to be to keep my gun going.

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9 hours ago, gpc_4 said:

Was hoping I could get to the Emil this week but only reached 6.23. Next month.

I hardly got any time this week... I didn't even get 3.0. Think I'm around 2.23 or something. I'll be lucky at this rate to even get the Emil by the time this is over. On the upside, in the matches I managed to play, I got about 6 Generals, 4 Majors and 2 Captains. So the avg of Major still stands. Those Captain matches really hurt the progress though... 

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I am maxed at Prestige 8 - and I know @Bonlaan is also.


I know some of you will disagree with me but those "Frontline Reserves" being tested right now - I hope are not put in place until next season.  I think it is unfair for those that have taken the time to grind out the FL XP and then to have others come in at the end and "BUY" their tanks with those reserves

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