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Cool Cellphone app to help saving money

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https://www.longgame.co/  It's an app that you use as a savings account, I put 5 dollars in it weekly, I believe I have been using it since November and have already saved over 300 dollars. My referral code is X4E74Z if you use it when you sign up we will both get 1000 coins.

The downside-it only gives you 1% interest on your money.

The upside-Coins and games, as you save money you get coins and brains, brains help you move up in level unlocking more challenges and free stuff, coins are used to play games. You do not use your money in the games, you use coins, play games like Slots, Flip It, and Spin The Wheel, the more you save and higher you rank the more coins you get. There is a version of Spin The Wheel that rewards with money and crypto-currency(I win a couple of bucks a month but new to crypto and enjoying it, once you win crypto, you have to have a wallet, there is another app called Coinbase that I use to put my crypto in). This is all FDIC insured. When I signed up there were some special codes active, I'm not sure if they are still active but you can try-BONUS300, gives you 300 free coins, PENNY5, puts 5 dollars in your savings account for free. Check it out, it's pretty fun.

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