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Update 1.4 - Common Test - WHEELS!!!

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If you want a chance to try out the Wheeled Vehicles for yourself, they're in the 1.4 Common Test!

All the details of the update, including the WV's, changes to the Chimera Operation in the second campaign, Multi Core PC improvements and the addition of the Ghost Town map can be read at the link below.



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Looks like they picked a good time to increase the CPU's ability to run smoother with the speed of the WV's and how fast your PC will have to draw the information on your screen.

Also, looks like they're dropping a little hint about a future map update from a map that was removed last year.


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Well, jumped into the test server last night.

With a population of just over 1,000, I figured it would be easiest to find matches at tier X. Of course, people were spamming the EBR 105 like crazy. Had one match with 9 them. And, like always, people feel the need to constantly test out premium rounds... 

So, I unlocked the entire WV tech tree and put a crew in each one. My plan is to try a few battles in each one. I used a bunch of the 100 million Free XP to trick out my first crew in the EBR 105 to have 5 skills each. I equipped Optics, a Vert Stab and a Rammer (yes, a Rammer... the 105 doesn't have a clip).

I'll post screen shots later of the stats of the tank with everything maxed out. I am considering dropping the Vert Stab for Vents instead. It will help with the view range and the reload. The aim time is already stupid fast.

Let me tell you... The EBR is insanely fast! Like bat $#!+ crazy fast! It slides! A lot! You need to approach turns carefully and try not to over steer or you'll be slowing down too much too quickly and you'll get hit. Or, you'll slide right into a building and stop dead... and get hit. Learning when to use that "X" key will be crucial.

If you're driving straight towards a bunch of enemies at 105 kp/h, you bet your bum that they'll hit you if you don't switch modes to be able to turn better. Otherwise, you'll try to turn and end up in a huge power slide. And if they're close enough with a good shell velocity and they're using auto aim, they'll hit you, often. 

One important thing to remember is that the reverse speed on these is crazy fast as well. It can really save your butt. Not having to turn around is great... and needed because you can't pivot. Get used to using a combination of forward/reverse with the left/right turn keys.

Sometimes though, turning around is needed. I ended up in a tiny little cubby hole with multiple tanks ready to shoot my as soon as I poked out. I ended up doing a 7 or 8 point turn to get turned around. I charged my boost up and let the thing fly! Holy crap does it jump out fast. It's like hitting warp speed instantly! I was out of the whole and out of the alley before they even realized what just happened. You'd think the damn thing had NOS or something!

Anyways, I'm going to continue to play around with them over the next few days while the Test is available. I'd like to test them out at each tier.

If anyone sees me in Discord over the next few days and wants to join in, I'd welcome the company. 

Oh, and BTW! When you get killed by a large shell going 105 km/h, the WV literally gets knocked off it's wheels! A kill shot by a T110E4 put my EBR into a flaming barrel roll about 60m long until I came to a rest on my roof! It was pretty damn funny!

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So, the 2nd iteration of the 1.4 Test Server is now up.

They nerfed ALL the WV's. They either reduced their top speeds in forwards & reverse in Cruise and/or Rapid modes or reduced the HP of the engines.

Most of the reductions in top speeds were only by 5 km/h. Some got nerfed harder though.

The Panhard AML Lynx 6x6 lost 14 km/h off its top reverse speed in Cruise mode and 22 km/h in Rapid mode.

The EBR 105, which was super fun, lost 10 km/h on its top speed in Rapid mode. So the days of 105 km/h are sadly gone. On top of that, the EBR saw nerfs to its top reverse speed in Rapid mode and cruise mode and a nerf to its engine power.

Panhard EBR 105:

  • Changed the top and reverse sped from 75 to 70km/h (Cruise mode)
  • Changed the top speed from 105 km/h to 95 km/ (Rapid mode)
  • Changed the reverse speed from 75 to 70 km/h (Rapid mode)
  • Changed the engine power from 820 to 750 h.p

I'll have to jump into the test server and see how the changes feel. The speed felt like its only way to stay safe from enemy fire. Even with all that speed, I still took a lot of damage every match from getting out spotted by MT's and LT's. If you weren't moving, you were dead. I did like the fact that they significantly reduced the effect of damaged wheels. I didn't play them before the change, but seeing videos of them really showed how much they slowed you down and how easily you were destroyed when your wheels got damaged. Hopefully they don't go back to that.

The link for all the changes:

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