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Howdy, new DHO members!  Holidays are a slow time for DHO as we all get pulled away with family obligations, so I was gone for a few weeks.  I am back, and ready to get things rolling again.

First things first: I just wanted to say welcome to all the new dads!
@Donalbane @marshalmatt @Kazuma0614 @Fiskey36 @Ninewonwon @Shaggytroll

@Flipflopies @circeseye @MajorGlory @101stabguy @Boosie722  @PigDaddy


Forgive the belated welcome, I am glad you stopped by to see what DHO is all about.  If you need anything, let me know.  I am one of two admins here - so it's my job to help you out!

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A little. DHO played 12 tier6 battles and 5 tier8 battles last month. Congrats to DHO for running tier8! (hadn't been done in a while).

DHO-X played 19 tier6, 21 tier8, and ran 6 Advances (which are tier10), also last month.

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