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Just press W - T95 Replay

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I've had bigger battles, but I thought this one would be fun to share. 


I've recently been in several battles where a flank is all locked up... until the T95 shows up. There's a funny part in this video where four friendly heavies are all perfectly parallel parked ready for a corner fight (they're also perfectly positioned for the three enemy arty to crush them).... when I just roll by without pausing. 

Then a couple of enemies feed me all their hit points.

Then I chase a tank around a house and kill him. 

It's a silly battle, but it just shows that sometimes a top tier T95 doesn't give a @#$%. 

I run the T95 with a super heavy spall liner. It pays huge dividends. Fewer crew injuries, hugely reduced arty damage, pisses off Japanese super heavies... so good. 

You have only one responsibility in the T95. Break your flank. You can do absolutely nothing about what's happening on the other side of the battlefield. There is no flexing. It makes your life very simple. 

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