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Raised doors? (literally)

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Random q....

on the 2nd story of my house two of the rooms have floors and doors that are elevated about 8 inches. Any one else ever see this? Why would it be constructed like this? I can tell some of the downstairs rooms where added on such as the back living room and side entry. All of the ceilings on the first story are the same height all the way around, same for upstairs even with the elevation.

Any thoughts? While I don't see it being a major value issue long term I would like to find a way to make it less weird for when I finally sell some 15+ years from now.

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Could be just for looks - sort of like the vaulted ceilings in modern homes. Could just be when your house was built and by whom. I've seen some strange houses around my parts. One looks like an octagonal igloo (no lie).  People do things cause they can

 or  Could be structural - maybe duct work between the floors.

I think those oddities add character/charm. Use it as an advantage.

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