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7 Days to Die Alpha 17

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Okay.... So A17 even as experimental has me hooked on this again. Do other people want to create a multiplayer game that we play on set nights/times? All games are now multiplayer, up to 16 players. If we are within 100 meters of one another, we share XP. And with the dungeons, I would prefer to have a group of dads to act as Zombie Bait while I run away....


If you played A16, this is all new. Melee is different, zombies are freaking scary, and underground holes are no longer safe quick bases.


I spend my nights (only up to day 4) cowering like a mouse while the zombie cats are on the prowl. I haven’t hit the trader yet, but Dungeon points of interest are live, traders now give clear area/courier retrieval/dig treasure quests. Vultures wait until you are distracted/wounded and then attack trying to kill you. Watching YT players who ran ‘insane, always run’ and considered dying to be unlikely try A17 has been hilarious.


Zombies now dig, navigate around obstacles and will try to get to you in the easiest (lowest block damage required) way. If you are in your hide at night and have too many torches/campfire/forges running you will have midnight visitors looking for a snack of brains. The skills have been completely re done. I find it an okay change, you have to think about what you want to do and make choices. There are now level gates to unlock skills, so progression is slower, no more RNG for a mini bike etc. There is a bicycle, the mini bike, a motorcycle, and a 4x4 truck you can now make, all gated by your character level.





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Sounds like fun.

The last time I played was with a bunch of Dad's

I would enjoy dying with with you guys again and again and again 🙂

Shoot me a steam invite.

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