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Freelancer Underverse

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Freelancer itself is a space sim from ca. 2001. The Underverse mod (www.underverse.us) is maintained and updated regularly and themed around Chronicles of Riddick. There are still active players, though numbers are dwindling. Events off and on throughout the week (and weekend) for everything from fighter combat (heavy and very heavy fighters on fridays, ultra heavies on saturdays) to battleship events every tuesday, gauntlet races (if enough attend) on a dedicated course, various factions to join and a lot lot of fun stuff to explore. given that the graphics engine is old, it is dated somewhat but yours truly has a ship model in the game and it is WICKED. 

So if space battles, 'rum and banana runs" to make that money, and camaraderie with some hardcore classic gamers worldwide is your thing, contact me here for how to pick up the game and mod. Or, create an account at http://underverse.us/portal.php and the admin team will help get you squared away. 

you can find me there under the tag [NEC] Phoenix 

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