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So recently I had the pleasure of chasing down my bandit challenges and had quite the conundrum with the 3rd level to the challenge: rob 4 stores in day. Allow me to share with you what I have already painstakingly realized from three hours of trying this over and over and over again.

1.) You can't save your game after getting one robbery and if something goes wrong, reload. When you reload, you will have robbed the locations previously hit, but it will not have counted towards your challenge.

2.) And the biggest one no one is saying anywhere: THE MERCHANT HAS TO OPEN THE REGISTER!!! Be patient. You are in a rush. The townsfolk are going to yell to get the Sheriff and time is ticking. However, the action button will appear after you initiate the robbery. DO NOT ROB THE REGISTER UNTIL THE MERCHANT OPENS IT, otherwise it will not count towards your challenge. This also means you can't rob the gun store in Valentine because he will always be a hero and attempt to thwart you. So you shoot him, and thus he can't open the register and so it doesn't count.

3.) Don't start a gun fight. If you start killing marshals, your wanted area will increase in size. It will also cause all shops in town to close down the for day instead of just the one you rob. Also avoid hitting people as you ride into town and starting an assault charge or any mayhem really. Gotta be a good guy until it matters.

So with these 3 tips in mind, here's the best method. Go to Valentine and save outside of town. Don your mask and rob the doctor first. The reason being is because there is only one way in and out, so he is the toughest to rob. If you fail or trigger a cataclysmic event, reload. Change clothes next can help to reduce people identifying you before you re-enter town, but not completely necessary. Now hit the General Store. There is a side door on the west side of the building. It doesn't matter if you enter or not, but it is the best exit I find. Park your horse near here, run out the side door and start your way to Wallace Station which has a general store. Very easy to hit, in and out. Now proceed to Strawberry to hit your final General Store. This store has a front entrance and back door. Again, doesn't matter which way you enter, but I definitely recommend fleeing out that back door behind the register since your horse will be on the road pointed to flee right out of town.

That's it. Follow these tips and avoid doing these robberies over and over again only to check your progress and see that none of your progress has been tracked towards the challenge. Other towns that I have so far discovered are very far apart, heavily populated, and no other towns have all four stores you can rob in one place. I doubt all of them would open the register either. I'm willing to bet all gun shop owners are vigilantes and will not open the register for you though. Best of luck out there, Outlaw.

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