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Screenshots of Your Best Battles (Part 2)

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Stay active on Prok. I know it is basically the quintessential passive spotting map, but trying to get into position on the hill or the 0 line is dangerous and rarely effective.

Also, I hit the most ridiculous kill shot in this replay at around the 6 minute mark (IS-3 kill).




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This ended up being a 1v5 and I only had 45hp left. Bounced an HE round from the T-150 with my gun too. I went the wrong way looking for the last arty. Bonus was completing Union 15 with Honors for the Excalibur.





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Best battle so far in the 430U I can honestly say that it is still kinda broken.Screenshot_(5).thumb.png.a2f5bdd070ca135454b34605dcd3bfb8.png




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