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Screenshots of Your Best Battles (Part 2)

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Loving the Polish Line: http://wotreplays.eu/site/4609622#el_halluf-grimm65-50tp_tyszkiewicza

My first MOE 2. Double lol...

First ace in the mod1. Being top tier is good! Pretty crazy battle; really aggressive initially, get plenty of lucky bounces, defend the base, and unnecessary ram kill at the end once I know we'v

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Managed an Ace last night... in a loss... in my Progetto. I was the last one alive against two almost full HP HT's. An Emil II and an O-Ho. I was down to almost premium rounds only, had 6 kills and I was trying to kite the last two tanks in an Encounter battle. I figured I could easily keep them out spotted and and just keep hitting them from range. So while I was trying to get distance between me and them, I popped around a corner to discover the Emil II had guessed the right direction of my escape and BOOM! I was dead. On the upside, the guy that killed me earned his first ever Pool's medal after more than 21,000 games. So, I didn't feel too upset about the loss.



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Some weekend aces. At the end of the Borsig battle you can see me pause because my son was having a seizure but we got through it (and got the final kill).









Hey, you can also see my new RNG badge.

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@gpc_4 Gratz on the T110E5 game. It was one of the best played games I have seen in a while. I still can't believe that E 100 didn't have a good enough crew to get his tracks back up between your shots. Well played.

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