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Screenshots of Your Best Battles (Part 2)

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The T54E1: this thing is tough. Either I do really well, or I have a crap game, no in betweens. The gun is so RNG unfriendly. I can fully aim and miss a whole rack of shots. I don't even get bounces. I have no idea where the shells go. Its slow too. Is the T57 better, other then being T-10? I hope so.


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Not exactly a battle, but I don't think I've ever had a night like this.  I'm trying to get my 2nd MoE on the M44.  Played 9 games tonight and won them all.  Got me up to 84% and I probably should have kept going but needed to get to bed..



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Last battle in the IS-6B before I traded it in.





CW on Prok with 11k assistance damage. Enemy only brought 12 tanks but 11k broke my record for assistance damage (next battle I had 0 damage and 0 assistance).




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