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750k Free XP - Ship Suggestions?

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I have finally accumulated 750k Free XP.


I see the:

Musashi (Battleship - JP)

Kronshtadt (Cruiser - USSR)

and at one point

Missouri (Battleship - US)


I don't tend to play Battleships.  Anyone have the Kronshtadt?  Though I'm tempted to work for the legandary Yamato someday...

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if you wanna see a couple video's about the Krondstadt, I did 2 on my YouTube channel, links below.  Krondstadt is not the typical Russian Cruiser.  It's not bow tanky.  It is a fun cruiser, but TBH, if you don't have the NELSON yet (cheaper!), I would get that first, it is a VERY fun ship and poops credits.  If you are dead set on a tier 9 premium, go for the Musashi, it's guns are phenomenal, and it can tank a lot of dmg, but buyer beware, it has almost NO AA and secondaries, the turret rotation is atrocious, acceleration is not the best.  But it IS a Yamato at tier 9.  I have found, AND THIS IS JUST ME FYI, that I have significantly better accuracy with the Musashi than I do my Yamato!  Dunno why, Erza and @Koudai have both seen me play both ships and I always do HORRIBLY in the Yamato, like under 100k  average, but put me in a Musashi and I will dish out 200k dmg no worries...... So you just have to be careful. Jean Bart is coming, but I think that will be lack luster compared to Musashi, the Alaska too is coming however she will also be lack luster unless you are really good with US cruisers, then she will probably be fun.  Alaska is going to be a true "Battle Cruiser" in that she is fast, can tank dmg and dish it out, but can't take too much dmg from top tier BB's.


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