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Calling all Writers, Authors, and Wise Guys!

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DHO now has a blog! Which is great and all, but what is a blog without content? Now we need writers, authors, and dads with wisdom to share their thoughts, musings, and general knowledge!

Rules and Requirements:

Rules: You can write about anything you want - the lead bloggers will help you edit your drafts and have final say on if the topic is appropriate. Discussing different discipline techniques for children? Sure. Talking about how to best beat your kids? No. How to rekindle passion with your spouse? Yes. Specific descriptions of sexual techniques? No. You get the picture - 

Requirements: It should be dad related in some manner, but we are playing loose and fast on this.  "Dad" related, "Man" related, even "Adulting" will generally work. You are not committing to anything - you write if you want, when you want, as often as you want.  If you just want to try ONE article/post - go for it! If you are nervous about your skill at writing or if people will even like what you have to say we will help with editing and even post as DHO Guest Writer if that helps you try it out!

Fine Print: When you submit an article or blog to DHO you give DHO the right to edit, modify, republish, sell, or advertise your content at any time.  You retain the right to republish your own works elsewhere at any time. 


If you have any questions, let us know!

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