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Derpsgiving 2018 (WoWs Edition)

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Getting the announcement out early; Derpsgiving is coming to World of Warships as well this year!
If there are additional people that want to throw in prizes and come up with competition terms, reach out to me (@Ayleward2) either here on the forums or on Discord.  The current prize will be a $10 item out of the World of Warships shop, prize to be determined by winner based on what is available in the shop when the competition closes.

Contest will start November 1, and end at midnight EST November 30th.  Entries will be closed at that time and winner(s) announced that weekend on Dec 1st.  Winners can reach out to determine prize selection to be delivered as soon afterward as possible.

Contest 1: Most fire damage delivered in a game.  Get out your fire spammers, it is getting hot in the kitchen!  The winner will be determined as the person who delivers the most fire damage in a random battle using any tier 5 ship.  Post a screenshot of your game on the Discord server or here on the forums notifying @Ayleward2

Along with your screenshot, fill out the appropriate spreadsheet tab in the link below, with your player name, amount of damage, and the ship used.

Spreadsheet link:

Reminder, this will start November 1st, so you have some time to work on captains, ships and strategies!



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Updated spreadsheet link

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DADS! Derpsgiving is here! Rock and roll, lets see some "HE" SPAM!!!!! 

(YOU get "HE" and YOU get "HE" EVERYONE GETS "HE"!!!!!!!!)

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I picked two of the mega Santa crates and received a Monaghan and doubloons. Happy with that! 🙂

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