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New AMD Build

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At the link above there is the press release for the AMD Athlon replacements using Zen technology; I am not sure if this is Zen + (Ryzen 2xxx) or Zen (Ryzen 1xxx), though I suspect it is the former.  So a question looms, which is I was planning a new Ryzen build with a discrete graphics card after tax returns in 2019.  Because this is AM4 socket compatible, would it make sense to get an Athlon processor and then upgrade to a Zen 2 (Ryzen 3xxx) or Zen 2+ (Ryzen 4xxx) later?  AM4 socket is supposed to be consistent through 2020, so I could go with the processor as a cost savings and get a better GPU now.  Mostly I am not playing AAA games, WoT and WoWarships are my primary games, with 7 Days to Die as an alternate.


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