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Should I go PT jobs to switch careers?

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As a career coach, I hear this a lot: "I don't see myself there in 5 years"   Good news! (maybe) Your company doesn't see you there in 5 years either!  (not funny, I know...)

Seriously, the average time at a job is only 3-4 years.  More often even less, with a few going much further.  Read some below:


Keep in mind that those that stay at their job generally get paid less than those that switch.  Those that choose to remain normally do so for benefits beyond cash money - ex. excellent benefits such as time off, retirement benefits, healthcare, or even flexibility like telework or choose your own hours.  


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I agree. The time PTO at my last job was friggin awesome. Granted we got no health care insurance etc. that PTO package kept a lot of people there. One guy actually took a month paid to go to TX for a month or two.

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