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Update 1.2 - New Maps, Old Maps, Bots, Personal Missions

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Currently Update 1.2 is in the Common Test for anyone and everyone to test out.

New Map

They are bringing in a new map called Empire's Border. Looking at the map, quite a lot of the map is actually unplayable. Lots of corridors that people will be shooting through and battling in.


#1 (Top Right) - Zone for mediums. Along the wall, there are distant shoot-throughs and along the red line are a large number of shelters.

#1 (Middle) - Zone for mediums. Along the wall, there are distant shoot-throughs and along the red line are a large number of shelters.

#2 - Zone for lights. A number of shelters and a quick breakthrough to the rear of the enemy.

#3 - The battle zone for mediums and heavies with good angles of depression. It will be one of the most important points throughout the battle.

#4 - The place for those without good angles of depression and rather convenient for clashes between heavies.

#5 - The location for tank destroyers to give support to key areas.

#6 - The location for tank destroyers to give support to key areas.

Both Widepark and Highway have been revamped to HD quality, adding an extra level of immersion, while leaving their core gameplay unchanged. It sounds as if no changes were made, even though Highway seemed to be removed due to balance issues...

This city in Highway looks quite amazing!

Widepark is still Widepark...


The 3rd set of Personal Missions for the Second Front are now being released on the Test server. 

A reminder about how the 3 sets of missions are structured...

The first operation is all about persistence. These are missions that can be completed over time and require you to show your prowess in victory and resilience in the jaws of defeat. These missions have a secondary task that’s not needed to start the next mission, but completing it means doubling your progress towards a blueprint.

The second operation is all about showcasing your skill in one specific battle. These missions revolve around one match, whether it be dealing a set amount of damage, destroying enough enemy tanks, or any other objective. They are reminiscent of the older Personal Missions.

The third operation is all about showing consistently good results over several battles. These missions require you to have more than just luck on your side. Prove your worth over a series of battles to complete these missions.

In the update 2.1, they will be adding a "Pause" feature for the 3rd set of missions. Because these missions are only able to be completed over a specific number of battles, it would mean that you would lose any progress towards completing them if you decided to take a break and play some other tanks or grind for credits. 


Changes to Personal Missions

The third operation (Object 279 (e)) of the new campaign is available:

1)      Added a new type of mission that should be completed within a certain number of battles. Otherwise, progress is reset and the mission should be started anew. Three mission types are available in the operation:
A- Accumulative (require achieving a certain value by a specified parameter). The mission lasts until the player fulfills the set condition or runs out of attempts.
B- Series (require completing the set condition within several battles; at the same time the number of attempts is bigger than the number of required completions).
C- Continuous (require fulfilling the set condition in every battle of the series). A failed attempt interrupts the series.

2)      The Pause button is available in mission profiles of the operation. It allows pausing a mission: progress is suspended until the player continues it. Players can rest and not lose progress.

3)      Improvements to reward screens:
A- Display cumulative conditions in the operation profile according to the common interface of such missions.
B- Proper display of missions with interchangeable conditions "OR".

4)       Mission profile improvement: Cancel button is removed.


Balancing Changes to Current Maps
(Actual changes not mentioned)
Sand River


Bots (Not on NA... but I figured I'd post it as you never know what may happen if numbers continue to drop...)

Certain clusters (for example, the game server hosting players from Latin America) have an issue with long waiting times to get into battle, specifically at the lower tiers. To shorten the queuing time, we are introducing AI-controlled vehicles and would like to test the mechanic during this Common Test.

They will only play on certain maps and between Tiers I–V. Don’t panic, you will always know when you are playing with bots as they will have colons “:” at the start and end of their names, coupled with a specific badge.

While the mechanics will be available for everyone to test during the CT 1.2, the AI will be introduced in NA’s LATAM cluster. We are also looking into the possibility of adding bots onto the Australia cluster too. EU, RU, APAC (except Australia), and the U.S.-based NA servers will remain unaffected. 

The number and classes of bots on each team will always be the same so there is no advantage to one team over the other and will be limited to a certain number per team.

All players testing this feature will be providing feedback for other PvE events we are looking at in the future. Bots will be active straight at the launch of Common Test 1.2, and with the release of Update 1.2, we’ll disable them everywhere. In the future, bots will be released on the LATAM, and possibly Australia, clusters.

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Update 1.2 is hitting the NA server Oct 10. As mentioned above, it includes a new map as well as the return of Highway and Widepark in HD.

It also include buffs to all the pref MM tanks.

There are lots changes to the tanks, so I recommend hitting up the link below to see how your favourite pref MM tank is changing.


They also discuss the upcoming changes to MM. They're rebuilding the match maker to try and solve the problem of being bottom tier in tier VIII most of the time.

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It will be interesting to see the impact of the premium vehicle improvements.  I have had the KV-5 for a very long time and have grown to hate it.  Not sure if the improvements are enough.  The FCM gun depression going to -10 deg could make that a fun tank.


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13 minutes ago, gpc_4 said:

50t and T-34-3 are looking considerably better. 

Enough that you wouldn't trade in the 50t anymore?


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7 minutes ago, SGrant7 said:

Enough that you wouldn't trade in the 50t anymore?


Well, there won’t be trade ins. When it was going to get buffed and see Xs, then yes. 

I have 3 tier 8 French HT premiums. 

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1 minute ago, gpc_4 said:

I have 3 tier 8 French HT premiums. 

But you're a collector! I'm guessing the list of premium tanks that you DON"T have is much smaller than the list of premium tanks that you DO have! :lolsign

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