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3 hours ago, Nickali28 said:



Looks like communities are going away and some sort of Tagging system is going to be implemented.  Guess this will give the ability for streamers to tag their channel?  Suppose to hit the middle of this month (September).

Well of course they are lol.

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It the usual tech progression. Make a free element, make an improvement of said element, charge for element. Progress baby!

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Guest Nickali28



Some info on how the new tags is intended to be utilized.  It has some good components.  Not limited to 3 communities like before, but the tags are not custom either.  You select from some pre-made.  Hope they allow for some type of tag to a group/community into the fold somehow.  Looks like they are reserving that type of organization to the highest viewed streamers only, IE partners.

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