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So apparently Microsoft is making a "grease proof" controller that will have a urethane coating able to withstand minor scratches, water and even roast chicken grease. I'm most intrigued by the minor scratches and water myself, than the chicken grease, but I do have kids that game. My son is notorious for wolfing down a bowl full of pizza rolls while on his gaming kick. When they were younger, this definitely would have been nice as they would always get a hold of my controllers.

Unfortunately though, only 200 are being made. Five are being given away by Xbox's ANZ Facebook group, but no other word is available yet. I mean, if it doesn't add a substantial amount of cost to the controller, this seems like a good idea on the surface. I'm curious how it feels in your hand though and what kind of "slippage" you get as far as grip with it and all. And what if it does get grease on it? Will that make it slicker?



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Bro, that picture sends terrible signals up my spine. :D I think it's great they're making that sort of controller. I won't be able to utilize them though. I'm having a hard enough time buying the kids their own controllers at $60 a pop. I finally have three controllers. One is mine and the kids cycle through the other two.

They sure know how to build anticipation over their product though. Only making 500 will fuel the curiosity when it sells out.

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