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Dark Pictures Anthology

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Supermassive games has announced they are planning out an anthology of horror games for the PS4. Supermassive games are the studio that brought you Until Dawn and The Inpatient. They have brainstormed thirty-nine (39!!!) horror sub-genres they would like to do. The first of which will be Man of Medan in 2019. It's a group of 4 that start in the South Pacific looking for some old WWII wreckage. As the day unfolds and a storm rolls in, they find themselves on a ghost ship. With the outcome adjustable from no one dying to just about everyone dying, Supermassive is promising replayability. Not sure how this game will be in length or price. Will it be a digital only game, or a full AAA $60 title? One thing for sure, I loved Until Dawn and am pretty hopeful for this series.



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