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RTX 20 Series

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Well, it's been a solid 2 years since Nvidia announced the 10 series. They launched with far better graphical performance, better power consumption and even better prices than the 9 series.

Well, here is the 20 series. Details are still coming in, but they are calling it their largest leap ever from one series to the next. Initial prices have just been announced as well as the release date of Sept 20th. If you're planning on a new build, it would be well advised to wait and see if the 10 series will drop. You may also want to build with the future in mind and go straight for the 20 series.

The new cards are also utilizing GDDR6 RAM. They have lower voltage and a higher bandwidth over the GDDR5 predecessor.

It is also very likely that the future Xbox and PS that are in development are likely being built with these cards and RAM in mind.




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