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July is AW membership drive month

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July is AW membership drive month. Battalion Battles will be starting up soon (perhaps in the next update or two) and we need  more active members. The better start we have the better off we will be in the long run. I know that more then a few of you guys are feed up with wot's BS. Drop me a PM and lets talk, what do you have to lose.


Unlimited Free Garage Slots

17 Premium Tanks (to date)

No Premium Ammo

Premium Account is $8.99 per 30 days vs. Wot $13.38 per 30 days

Israeli and French tank lines coming soon

3 Modes of play:

    PVE: 5 man teams vs. hordes of AI bots

    PVP: 3 vs 3, 5 vs 5, etc up to 15 vs 15

    Global Operations: Similar to War Thunder with WOT like graphics 

3 Levels of difficulty:

    Standard: Easy

    Challenging: Medium

    Hardcore: Hard 

WOT like play with modern tanks (very late '50's to present day). All tanks are real tanks (a few never made it past the concept stage and some did not get past the prototype stage). 

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DHO Battalion is active on both NA & EU servers. AW is free to play, give it a try you have nothing to lose, except maybe some time having fun.

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I used to play this  a lot until they dumped the game's original developer and started to change the game's direction. I thought well there goes another good game down the crapper and I uninstalled. How many on NA play regularly? If things have improved I might reinstall it.

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