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AW Developer's Diary: In Development Israeli Tank Line

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AW Developer's Diary: In Development for the Black Sea Incursion Season 1 is the  Israeli Tank Line and Dealer. Inclusion date has not been announced yet, but with this announcement it should be within the next couple of weeks. We will be getting a new dealer, 2 new commanders and 8 new Israeli tanks, Tiers 1 through 6.

click for more info: https://aw.my.com/us/news/general/development-season-1-vehicle-dealer?id=13.2000009&clientlang=en&clientterritory=usa&gcid=2322323409234534319&mcid=4469637&server=1&lang=zh_CN&mcauth=1&clientstate=installed&clientbuildid=164&_1lp=0&_1ld=2046937_0


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