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The Next Xbox

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Microsoft confirmed during their press conference that the next generation is already under way. No other details were given. Sony previously announced their next gen was in development as well.

Previously, MS stated that going forward, all new consoles would be compatible with the current controllers and that games bought for the current gen would carry over to the next gen. No need to buy your favourite games again. Very much like how a game played on the Xbox One carries over to the Xbox One X just with improved graphics, frame rate, etc.

This is a huge fan service. Gamers will be extremely happy knowing that their current collections are safe. Many who haven't upgraded to the XB1X would likely see improvements in the same games going to the next gen. They also stated that games developed for the next gen would be compatible with the current gen, unless they required some sort of VR that the current gen couldn't run. Currently over 300 titles from the 360 can be played on the One family of consoles. If this carries forward with the next gen, the gaming library potential would be massive.

The one downside to all this is that if consumers aren't forced into upgrading, then the console sales could really take a hit. Though, many people that haven't moved past the XB1 to the S or X will likely be looking to upgrade by that point.

Thoughts are that the next gen might not be shown until 2020. I would like to think that it will be shown at E3 2019 and launched in 2020.



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