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Hey gang, I've been playing this on/off since the weekend. I think I'm around level 17. Got myself an indy-type car and I can't seem to keep that thing on the road! I'd love to see a gaming event around this. With that said my schedule for gaming is unstable. So; this enthusiasm is mostly in-words-only. So; far this game is beautiful and I love driving all the different cars.

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6 minutes ago, OldSkoolTarHeel said:

Is this really that much better than Horizon 3 to spend my $60 on? 

The reviews for it are fantastic. But honestly, you can try it for far less than $60. Get the 14 day trial of Game Pass for free and you can play it as much as you want for those 14 days and decide then if it's worth it or not. Or, get Game Pass for one full month ($10) and then cancel it if you don't want/need the service anymore and you'll have had a full month to play the game and decide.

That's one of the great things about Game Pass. You can basically rent any included games for a month at a small price of just $10.

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Actually played through a bit lastnight and really enjoy the progression/levelling system. The way the cars handle and drive is also really nice for a casual racer as it is not as intense as Forza 7 is. Overall very pleased with it, but need more guys to drive around with. Any clubs started hereÉ Miss racing backwards on ovals to clobber guys I can't catch the normal way lol

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