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World of Tanks: Mercenaries (Console Only)

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Yes I'm still here! Still repping our group...[DHO] SHOGUN08SS. Currently working on the final stage of "The Machine" contract. Ugh!! I like playing the full range of tanks in the game so staying specific to the contract requirements can be a bit of a pain. I'm using the Tier 9 and 10 Ru mediums, heavies, artillery...and just repurchased the Obj. 268 to try and complete the contract. Being an "average" casual tanker with a full time job and on-call 24 hrs a day can be challenging, but I will finish the contact.After the contract, not sure if I want to grind Swedish line for new meds...or complete my British garage going after the Deathstar. Only 2 British lines I don't have are artillery and Deathstar branch. Good Luck out there tankers! ROLL OUT!:wave

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