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I do!  Been doing it for two seasons now - I only run it during traditional growing times as I do not provide artificial lighting or heat.  It makes good food though!  Tomatoes and leafy greens are what I grow right now.  I have a garden outside for everything, but my indoor space is limited two just two grow trays.  

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Depends on how much effort you want to put into it. Personally on a small scale I've used the Kratky method, no circulation required. I've used it to grow peppers and herbs out of random bits of leftover plastic containers, like 2L bottles. Larger setups can grow cabbages and such. For example:



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I used storage tubs and filled them with expanded clay pebbles. 20171001_124855.jpg

The systems is a flood and drain system, I use a timer that pumps the nutrient water up, holds it for a few minutes, then turns off - allowing it to drain.  This happens a couple of times a day.  I play around with the duration and frequency depending on factors such as temp / season / growth cycle. Having a pH meter (I have a digital one) is a must, and other water quality testing equipment is good to have when trying to troubleshoot what is going on.  Ammonia, nitrates, etc. are hard to determine through "eyeballing" it.  


  Biggest tip I learned if you use clay pebbles is to make sure they are pH neutral (7pH) before you add plants.  I was fighting the pH for weeks until I saw that I needed to soak the pebbles in solution and add acid or base until it would stay at 6.5-7 on it's own - THEN you can add plants.  


I take heads of lettuce, the bottoms of celery, and sprout my own tomatoes or herbs.  If using cuttings, make sure they have a good set of roots before adding to the system.  

I added a reflector to the side opposite the window to increase solar coverage and reduce the lean toward the window.  It seems to work rather well, and amount of light in the area is significantly brighter.  





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