DHO-X Recruitment Statement: DHO-X exists so that active dads have an active and mature community in order to participate in tier X Clan Wars & Advances.  While other game modes take place, the priority of DHO-X is high tier organized game play.   DHO-X Recruitment Criteria: Must have at least 7,500 battles Must have tier X meta tanks useful to DHO-X’s mission Must be “active” in the game and in organized team play Must post at least one time per month on the DHO forum Must use voice coms (aka Discord) when playing tanks.  This requirement is waived when not practical due to family events/issues.  Being on voice coms is mandatory when logged into the game during primetime hours that DHO-X plays Clan Wars (be in TS if logged in on Tue/Thur/Sat evenings). Must sign up for the DHO Discord  http://www.discord.gg/YKpADaU and tag yourself with the "DHO X" role so that we can quickly get information out to clan members We are encouraging members who have a firm grasp of the game at high tiers to apply for membership in DHO-X.  If you meet the above criteria but cannot help in our mission to be successful, then please rethink if DHO-X is the appropriate place for you skill set.  A hallmark of DHO-X has been that we do not have a “skill” requirement for membership.  Many of our members play at or above their own skill level because they follow directions, understand what is expected of them in organized team play, and work well with the other members of the clan.  When applying to DHO-X take an honest assessment of your ability at high tiers and then contact ncpinz. The Commanding Officer of DHO-X or his designee reserves the right to waive any of the above criteria at his discretion. Current members of DHO-X who are currently not meeting one or more of the above criteria will be removed from DHO-X on August 1st of this year. How to Apply to DHO-X: Contact our Personnel Officer ncpinz, or any of our officers and let them know you are interested. The officer will see that you meet our criteria and pass a recommendation on to our CO for final approval or rejection. The Commanding Officer reserves the right to waive any of the clan’s recruitment requirements.   If anyone has any questions or concerns please contact Sly directly.  I'm going to ask Grant to lock and pin this thread so that we have it as a resource for the future.  Moving forward, please note that we are a Clan Wars clan, and our focus and your intention for applying to DHO-X should be to participate in Clan Wars.   Thanks, Holsy