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Global Map - Season 8

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The next season on the Global Map has started. It runs from April 10th to May 15th.

Like the last season, if people are interested in just getting a unique camo, everyone in between 50-75% will earn the Summer Camo. People placing in the 10-50% range will earn both the Winter & Summer camos. Placing above 10% will earn you all three. A minimum of 5 battles is required to be placed on the leader board. Placing below 75% will get you no prizes.

There doesn't appear to be any rewards for gold or tanks related to this season.

All the details, as well as images of the camo, are listed at the link below.


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Good luck and have fun X.

I doubt 4 is going to try anything. They're welcome to try, maybe sneak into the top 75%, but I'll be on vacation for a couple weeks of it.

If anyone from 4 wants to move to X to get the camo--and they'll have you, haha--you've got my blessing.

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