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SWGOH: Sith Triumvarant Raid

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New Raid!  So new post.  This post is to catalog teams that are viable in the Sith Triumverant Raid.  I will likely spell Triumvarent at least 6 different ways in this post but I refuse to spell check.  

Here is a generic strategy guide on day 1 of the release.  Likely will be updated.


T6 Teams Phase 1 (6s Toons Required, 150m HP

Teams capable of 2mil+ on P1:

JTR, R2, BB8, OG Rey, RTr/GK - This is a team capable of doing 11mil in P1 on the first day of the raid and may make it over 10% of P1.








Thrawn, MagmaTrooper, Death Trooper, Shore Trooper, zVeers - This team is based on two things.  First DeathMark from DT does 45k per hit in T6.  Second Magma gets TM from resisting.  Under a THrawn lead and modified for high tenacity Magma chains attacks.  With Death mark on DN that enables Magma, even at low gear, to do a signficant amount of damage.




Gar Saxon, DT, ShT, Raid Han, Thrawn:  This team is based on applying DeathMark and then counter attacking.  No screenshots yet.


Teams capable of 1mil+ on p1

Chief Nebit, JE,  Jawa Scavenger, +2  

Boba, Jawa Engineer, Zam, Greedo, GM Yoda - This is mainly a thermal detonator team with Yoda providing tenacity up.  May work with other tenacity up toons as well.  



DN, EP, Vader, +2 attacking Sith (Savage, Sid, Dooku, Sith Assasin) - these toons utilize Nihilius lead health steal to prevent death and can make it to enrage.  

CLS, Raid Han, Thrawn, GK, R2 - Leia can be subbed in as well and Chaze may help with health restoration.


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