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The Territory Wars Bible

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This is a primer on how we, DHO, approach TW.  Territory wars in SWGOH is an entire guild event which requires good use of each individual account's entire roster.  TW gives slightly better rewards for winning than losing but doesn't give as much as a comparable Territory Battle and in general isn't considered that important of a farm for upper tier guilds.  However in the niche that DHO finds itself (70-90 mil GP guild) the table is arguably one of the best content provided by CG/EA. 

Maximizing YOUR Roster:

So the most important part of TW is that each individual maximizes the way they use their roster.  Even the 'weakest' DHO member has the ability to influence the results of a Territory War by maximizing the way their toons are used.  Understanding what squads/units have good mods or bad mods and understanding how to balance squad synergy and which toons work significantly better under human control (offense) than AI control (defense) is really important.   There are some basic guidelines here but keep in mind that a well modded, weak geared team can end up being a big thorn in the side of the attackers.  This is because most people attacking don't spend much time analyzing the enemy and can only judge your team by power and by the squad's known abilities.  The difference between an arena modded 70k Phoenix squad and an unmodded 70k Phoenix squad is ridiculous.   Arguably the most important thing you can do to maximize your roster is to make sure you've spent some time applying mods in storage to any toons that might be used in TW.   Also upgrading toons to 6k power so they are useable in TW is a smart step everyone can take.  

Also keep in mind the value of leaders when you use them in non-leadership roles.  Certain toons like Darth Nihilus is really good in both roles but is exceptional at beating Rex led teams or GK/zBarriss teams as a lead.  Rex is another example of a toon that is a great all round leader (good bonuses to every squad member) who can be used to decent effect as an individual.  You know your roster so plan it out the best you can but don't 'waste' squad leaders if it can be avoided.

TW Defense Philosophy and Recommended Squads:

We've set up a standard defensive philosphy.  It boils down to this.  Front line - arena teams that are ultra fast, second line old arena teams, third line mid Phoenix or other relatively good TW squads, and the back middle line is filled with regenerating toons that can endure multiple weak teams.  We balance that front line with arena caliber teams to discourage the enemy from pushing the bottom path.  This enables us to 'stack' the top/middle and then leave our back two bottom rows extremely weak.  In effect we allow us to have a little bit better offense and keep enough teams to beat the enemy.  We generally expect to really stop them on our back middle line to guarantee a win so it really is important to put more viable teams in the higher rows.   If we micromanaged this we'd put 'gold ring' G12 teams with arena mods in the top and gold ring G12 teams that aren't modded for arena at the bottom.  Thus giving the high level impression that we're balanced but really we've stacked the top.   We don't micromanage this so we leave it up to your best judgment.  If you think you have one of the best squads in DHO put it up top front. If you think yours is really good but probably not the best drop in in the front bottom.  Eyeball both territories and pretend you're attacking - if one looks significantly weaker than the other and you have a good squad put it in the weakest territory.

By setting arena teams on the top front that require the best enemy arena teams to beat them we prevent our back row teams from being able to be attacked by 'ideal' counters.  

Squads for defense should be well controlled by the AI.  The AI is almost always inferior although Phoenix AI is arguably one that seems better than some humans.  However there are some squads or individuals that are just ridiculously awful when controlled by AI.  For example a zFinn Resistance team.  The AI does not bother to 'chase' exposes and so the team fails to gain TM/reset cooldowns necessary to win.  It also won't use the best attack based on the expose TM mechanic and instead uses the attack that would be the best regardless of exposes.  This makes a zFinn team pretty terrible.   In addition to that example toons that have AoE attacks are generally poorly controlled by the AI.  The AI does not take into consideration things like counter attacks so a Phoenix team with Kanan or an IDG Jedi team that attacks a Vader/GMT/TFP Empire team is going to feast on all of the AoE attacks.  

Here are some examples of squad templates that can be used.  Note that you know your own roster and should consider what fits best. Also keep in mind that your arena team might be better suited in the back row depending on its composition.  Some updated templates with more details are available in SWGOH:


Front Line (Arena):  Note that these teams can be beaten by multiple teams but typically require multiple very good teams and can't be beaten my multiple bad teams.  

  • CLS, Raid Han, R2, GK, Thrawn (CLS Meta)
  • CLS, zBarriss, GK, Baze, Chirrut
  • CLS, Wedge, Biggs, R2, STHan
  • JTR, R2, BB-8, Old Ben, GK
  • JTR, R2, BB-8, Thrawn, CLS
  • MT, Asajj, Zombie, Daka, GK
  • Asajj, MT, Zombie, Acolyte, Daka

Second Line (Old Arena Meta):  Similar to front line these are teams that are 'beatable' but require newer meta teams to defeat them or better modded old meta teams.  You want 'complete' teams at a sufficient gear level that still have competitive mods. 

  • zMaul, GK, DN, Vader, zSavage
  • zMaul, Shore, DN, Vader, zSavage
  • Wedge, Biggs, Chirrut, Baze, zR2
  • zQGJ, zYoda, GK, JKA, Ayala
  • Rex, Chirrut, Baze, Thrawn, DN
  • HK, IG-88, IG-86, Chief Nebit, Jawa Engineer

Third Line (Phoenix and Friends): This is really for teams that generally out-perform their GP.  A well modded and leveled Phoenix, Ewoks, Droid, etc. team can fit here.  By emphasizing a generic squad template it forces the enemy guild to spread out their attacks since no one account will be able to effiiciently dispose of so many (nearly) identical teams.  

  • Hera, Ezra, Kanan, Zeb, Chopper
  • Hera, zSabine, Ezra, Kanan, Zeb
  • Chirpa, Paploo, Logray, Wicket, Elder
  • Chirpa, Teebo, Scout, Elder, Logray

Back Line (GK and zBarriss):  This is intended to stack up arena teams that were built on timeouts.  Effectively by constantly regenerating health and/or protection and reviving toons these teams are difficult to defeat using multiple teams.  In order to beat them the enemy needs to be able to bring a more powerful squad with specific abiilities.  

  • GK, zBarriss, R2, CLS, DN
  • GK, zBarriss, CLS, Chirrut, Baze
  • GK, zBarriss, R2, Thrawn, Aayla
  • Thrawn, zVeers, DT, Shore, Storm
  • zKrennic, zVeers, DT, Shore, Storm
  • zVeers, DT, Shore, Storm, Snow
  • zJyn, Chirrut, Baze, K2, Cassian
  • CLS, Chirrut, Baze, R2, Thrawn
  • Chirpa, zPaploo, zLogray, zWicket, Elder

TW Attack Philosophy and Recommended Squads:

Our attack philosophy is pretty normal.  We focus out the top row first to open up the enemy ships and middle back row.  Most guilds stack the top row so in the past we've also tried driving through the bottom row.  Recently quite a few guild members received a 4th capital ship so we are still staying on the top row for now but if we continue to not completely destroy the enemy ships we might return back to the bottom row.  As a member of DHO all you need to do is follow the yellow brick road  (any priority targets are marked as yellow).  If for some reason there are no priority targets you can always shift to what is available.  Sometimes our leadership falls asleep at the wheel.  While we do not track 'rogue' actions only attack in places we have marked off limits if that's your only option.  

Your defensive roster is set first in TW so when the timer hits go on the attack phase you'll only have a limited roster available to you.  What you need to do to get the most out of what you have left is to bring up the list of enemy squads on the territory we are focused on.  Scroll through and try to identify any squads that you are confident you can defeat.  While you can use the power levels of the squads those usually do not accurately reflect the strength of a squad.  The key things to look at are the gear levels, any zetas, and the speed of the toons you're facing.  For example a 70k Maul led squad of Sith with a Shore/GK tank might be a real easy target.  However if that squad's Maul is zeta'd and has a zSavage accompanied by a couple low level/geared Sith Assasin/DN/Dooku it might be a lot more difficult than a similarly powered non-zeta'd Maul/Savage team with slightly better geared squadmates.  If you see a zCLS team there's a huge difference between one with 250 speed CLS and a 200 speed CLS even if they're at the same gear level.  The former might rip apart a Resistance team with a 232 speed Poe while the latter will get run over.  Also always take note of speed given to characters via a leader (QGJ, GMT, Asajj) or characters like Raid Han or Jawa Engineer who can dramatically affect the start of a team. 

The real goal of attacking is to win efficiently.  You want to take out one squad with each of your squads.  Leaving 'scraps' means someone else has to accurately judge what is left and beat it with a team that could have been used to take out a different team.  Also fighting some toons like CLS, Boba Fett, zSavage, or zKylo and leaving them alone and alive by themselves is often a real problem as they are incredibly effective solo and cause people to bring underpowered teams that just refill their protection/health.   

Finally if you enter a match and you just simply underestimated your opponent and do almost no damage to them consider retreating from the battle (or force closing).  If you retreat the enemy health/protection goes back to what they started with however you don't give them any TM.  Granting a team TM will make it very difficult for the next guild member to attack them.  For example if you leave a FO team with full TM and no health someone may come in with a Resistance team that would typically get to go first.  Instead the FO team gets a Phasma AoE speed down and Kylo stuns their Poe and suddenly an easy win turns into a loss.  Use your judgement on whether or not to retreat but a good rule of thumb is to not retreat if you've killed off one of their protection toons or removed protection from multiple toons and they don't have the ability to regenerate protection.  

Recommended Attack Squads:

I'll add to this as we go along but there are a few specific squads that are very effective at attacking that are poor defensive squads. 

1)  zFinn Resistance (zFinn, RP, RT, Poe, BB8/Rey Scavenger) - this team you need to make sure that your Poe will go before the enemy.  If that is the case than you will be able to TM lock the enemy and work through them without them getting a turn.  Make sure that your Poe is fast enough and avoid teams with Raid Han who can stun your Poe and end your battle very quickly.

2)  Phasma FO with zKylo -  (Phasma,  Kylo, FOO, FOST, FOTP) without zetas or with multiple zetas (5 zetas possible) this team is fine on offense or defense.  With a zeta on just Kylo this team is significantly better on offense than it is on defense.  That is due to the AI not using zKylo's special single attack Outrage which restores his protection and instead favoring his AoE.  This team is particularly effective against teams that don't have stunners or daze toons (who counter the assists from Phasma lead).  zKylo is best used against debuff teams that don't have stun/fracture.  

3) Nightsisters - (Asajj, Talzin, Acolyte, Daka, Zombie or Talzin, Acolyte, Daka, Zombie, Asajj).  This team is very effective against teams that do not have any AoE and teams that do not have any healers.  That includes some meta teams like JTR, BB8, R2, Old Ben, GK as well as CLS, Raid Han, GK, Thrawn, and R2.  It has a very specific counter (Imperial Troopers) that will defeat it even if there is a significant power gap so use of this on defense is OK but likely not the best use. 

In general when you go through your roster try to make sure you have enough leaders to get the most out of your toons.  Leaders like Rex or Dooku who give boosts to everyone, even without synergies, are particularly good to have for building teams.   

Strong Counters to Hard Squads

Nighsisters -> Imperial Troopers with zVeers

CLS Meta (no AOE) -> Nightsiders, JTS, GK/zBarriss

Resistance -> Rex (tenacity up), GK/zBarris, Raid Han teams

zMaul -> R2, zFinn Resistamce

Phoenix -> Bounty Hungers (primarily Boba), zVader Empire


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