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Stock Refinshing Q

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Started taking apart my old Buck bb gun for a refinish. On the stock it has the logo and such...what is the best way not to damage this while at the same time sanding the stock and applying new oil and such?

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My best advice is to check out youtube under stock refinishing and wood finishing.

I am in no way an expert on wood refinishing.

I am just relating my experience.

I was looking for information my self on refinishing the stock on my 1955 SKS and I found so many ideas on wood and stock refinishing it was almost overwhelming.

So many videos on the best way to refinish stocks and what works best that I almost wish I had not looked.

In the end I took bits of this and that.

I stripped the stock with Circa 1850 furniture stripper.

I applied 6 coats of Circa 1850 tung oil, allowing 24hrs drying between coats along with a light sanding and tack cloth wipe between each coat.

I allowed it to dry after the last coat for a couple weeks.

I am not sure that I had to wait that long but again some youtube videos said do it and someĀ  didn't even address it.

I applied one coat of minwax paste finishing wax to top it off.

As it was a laminated stock I really like the results.


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