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Derpsgiving 2017: A DHO4 Contest

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Derpsgiving 2017

[insert some pun about HE]


Thanks to Pierre (T34pzric) for the banner.


Derpsgiving is back! This year it will be a DHO4 only contest. The primary goal is to do the most damage with a tier V or VI tank equipped with a derp gun in a random battle.


Contest Rules:

1. Entrants must be in DHO4 at the time of their submitted battle and when the prizes are distributed.

2. Battles must be played between November 17, 2017 and November 30, 2017.

3. You must be using a howitzer, i.e. a derp gun. It can’t simply be a tank that can equip a derp gun, to be eligible the derp must be equipped on the tank during the battle. For example, an M4 Sherman battle with the 76mm gun isn’t eligible (even if you use straight HE for some reason), a battle with the 105mm gun is eligible. All HE is not required, if you have a howitzer equipped then feel free to use any ammo type.

4. SPGs aren’t eligible.


To Enter:

Submit a replay link (please note your damage count in the post) or screenshots of the Personal Score and Team Score tabs (so the battle date and damage totals are both shown) on this thread. No limit on entries, although it is considerate to keep your entries on one post (edit your post), and battles can be submitted until December 3, 2017, but the battle must have been played from November 17-30, 2017



Most damage in a tier VI derp, tier VI premium of winner's choice (provided by Mykk)

Most damage in a tier V derp, 3000 gold (provided by grant)

Most damage in the Cruiser Mk. II (tier III Brit LT) with the 3.7-inch howitzer, prize of up to $10 from the premium shop (provided by Ayleward2)

Random entrant drawing, prize of up to $10 from the premium shop (provided by Nismo2016)


You can only win one prize; in the event that a tanker is the leader in two categories they will be declared the winner of the higher tier prize and the second place tanker in the lower tier will win the prize for that tier. Ties will be decided by the higher base XP. Each DHO4 tanker that submits a battle and doesn’t win one of the damage prizes has one entry in the drawing.

Please feel free to ask any questions about the contest or eligible tanks or whatever on this thread.


** *All rules subject to change at the whims of Mykk.***



Most damage in a tier VI derp.

1. Bombaybacon, KV-2, 2712.

2. Nismo2016, O-I, 2318.

3. j0ebelka, Cromwell, 1966.


Most damage in a tier V derp.

1. gpc_4, Sherman III, 1501. (Declined)

2. bigmike64w, M4 Sherman, 1279.

3. bonlaan, KV-1S, 1271.


Most damage in the Cruiser Mk. II

1. bonlaan, 960.

2. gpc_4, 877.

3. Nismo2016, 772.


Entered into the random drawing for DHO4 participants.

T34pzric, Bombaybacon, Nismo2016, Sizmic, Talisker, j0ebelka, xperiment2g, bigmike64w, bonlaan, gpc_4, happyfunball, Mykk.

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Well just had a crazy round here you go.

Thanks for putting this on guys. Almost bought myself a Cruiser for Derpsgiving but decided to stick with Pz IVH and KV-2 that are already in the garage.

Here you go Ayle !!!

Posted Images

I know this is dho4 only. But I will shadow play anyway... to preserve the honor of Stalin’s Hammer... the original master blaster... the harbinger of doom... the pride of the tall fatheads... the “turret traverse is for the weak, so is aim time” tank ..the  “only infidels play Japanese Tanks” tank...

the once and future king of derp... 

... the K. V. 2. 

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1 hour ago, Bombaybacon said:

Not only is this my Derpsgiving entry, I finished the IS-6B marathon with this.







Damn, Bombay. Let's ease into the contest a little before posting battles like that. :lol

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