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HMS Nelson, First feel

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A GOOD ship imo, if you have some back up it is amazing...  I was burned down to about 12%, purposely let myself burn, boosted back to almost 90% in a very fast time.  I put Jack Dunkirk in it, built it out for DC, very very good ship.  Only thing I have to say is the AP is VERY not friendly at long ranges, pretty much kept HE loaded the entire battle till I was within 15 or so of people....  you can get the concealment down to 12.8 I think, but thats worthless to be honest.  They want you to "surprise" people, thats a BS line....



If you have the free XP I recommend it.  Rudder shift is good, DC is good, Health Boost is good, Armor is not bad TBH even with the crap bow, I was in 4 tier 7 fights though, I'm waiting to see a tier IX...

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Just beware Granite, it's no Warspite!  But it IS a fun ship.  In Tier 9's you gotta be VERY careful.

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Wow, does this thing take damage. I think it might be a bit beyond my skill level. Got rekt hard a few times but also had some battles where I was an asset to the team. I like the quirkiness and that mega heal can be hilarious. 

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