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British Battleship sneak peak

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Hmmm. Get a tier 3, 4, and 5 RN BBs without spending any credits or free XP..... you don't even have to play RN ships to do it just tier 4 and above.


I hope they come with garage slots.

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I moved the to the ship review section as I feel it is more inline with what the topic is/should move to.


I did PT for the first time in a long time to try the Lion. My thoughts are as follows:

-Tank tank and more tank. This thing is super beefy.

- Low citadel, while in two games I got nailed two times, In maybe 15 games I never citadeled one lion...

- Heal is crazy, poop you not when I say say you come back from near dead to practically full health if all you took was fire damage from some HE shells.

- Starts fires kind of well 46-48% fire chance per HE shell, yet I only started fires maybe 20-25% of the time

- speed seems good speed up/slow down seems typical for tier 9

- AA mounts and secondaries die fast

- AA is weal

- turns slow

- Seems to bracket a lot

- AP shells do well, hard time citadeling other BBs even when close due to short fuse.


Tried the concealment build for the captain, and felt it week. then moved to HE focused and survival. Seems to be worth it right now. Might need to shift to some kind of slight boost to the AA from the captain depending on what happens with CVs in the future. Or just do what I did and hang out with a USN BB.


Some pictures of the new effects.




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