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What all of us good DD drivers want to say! WARNING, LANGUAGE!

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MORE and MORE community contributors are getting more and more angry at WG...  NOT surprising.  SCHOOLS ALMOST HERE, which means the player base should level off some and I'll play WAY more than I used to.





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Yet WG response is to punish the Community Contributors and not listen.   


Just the other night I had a couple DHO guys talking about leaving due to the lack of activity in game or on TS...  I honestly believe this isn't a clan/DHO thing the more I've played lately, it's more a "tired of broken/skewed balance mechanics and school kid idiots" than anything... the summer has just worn everyone down on the game due to the horrible team play.  


They really need to get some clan-based team game setup going if they want to stay afloat, and do it soon.  Pubbing in clans all night long gets boring when that's the only team play going on.

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The thing that cracks me up, when I am on I sit in TS, I'll ask why others aren't and the answer I continuously get is "oh, no one was in TS so I logged out" EXCEPT ALL OF YOU HAVE THAT MENTALITY so NO ONE logs into TS...  people need to log into TS and sit in it and the community will grow.


People are also forgetting that during the summer time community involvement and player #'s ALWAYS drop for DHO its a historical fact, WHY?  Cause we are dad's, we're busy during the summer, whether it is vacations or taking care of our homes or families.  And then there is the obvious, all the kids that are home from school....  it is normal for our playership to drop off from the months of MID July all the way till MID Sept.


If people want to leave the clan, so be it.  LATER!  I've been in DHO for going on 10 year's now I think...  I know I joined before Tanks even was launched in Alpha, back in Navyfield days so that would have been 2004-2005ish...  and the summer and gaming has always been this way.  The thing that is killing me is what's the of everyone freaking out to join DHO when clans started and then not being activated?  We had people actually spend their own gold in the hopes that we would get a bigger community, for about a month this was so... then people dropped off.


My intentions will be clear in the near future as I post a "state of WoWs DHO" post.



This isn't directed at you Dewey btw, this is just what I've seen lately.

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