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Pushing us over the top in HAAT

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So we completed our first HAAT however to do it we needed to bring in a couple strong "Merc' accounts to clear P3 for us.  They also cleared most of P4 so there's still a little unknown on what we'll need to do to clear that however the steps we need to do, as a group are clear enough:


We need to get several very strong P3 teams in addition to everyone with EP getting a decent Chirpatine team.  There are currently 2 semi-achievable P3 teams that can do >1 mil damage.  With ~12 million HP in P3 we essentially need 7-8 1mil + teams in addition to what we were able to throw at it this past HAAT run.   In addition Thrawn was recently introduced and is capable of soloing P3 with a very expensive group however since no one has Thrawn 7 starred in our guild and the event will be several months from returning I'm excluding that .


Main P3 Teams:


1)  Resistance with R2.


zFinn, Poe, Resistance Trooper, Resistance Pilot, R2  (there are no possible substitutions)



Note that most of the people with resistance teams today are throwing them at P2.  However starting our next HAAT we will attempt to stagger Resistance squads so that they can run in both P2 and then in P3.  Essentially out strongest resistance teams (G11/G10, good potency, Poe over 234 speed) will individually step through P2.  Everyone left at the completion of P2 will bring resistance teams into P3.


2)  Darth Teebo / Rebel Teebo


This is much more expensive to get however there's several people working toward it and while it is a long farm it is at least achievable for anyone who farmed Darth Nihilus and Baze/Chirrut:


Teebo (l), Jyn, Baze, Chirrut, Darth Nihilus



Note that you can replace DN with Bistan:


Teebo (l), Jyn, Baze, Chirrut, Bistan



Thrawn Teams:


Imperial Maneuver


Thrawn (l), Krennic, Tie Fighter Pilot, Moff Tarkin, Shoretrooper





Chirpa (l), Royal Guard, Emperor Palpatine, Thrawn, Sabine

Chirpa (l), Royal Guard, Emperor Palpatine, Thrawn, Sun Fac/ShoreTrooper(almost any tank except STHan)



Main P4 Teams:


Rebels, Clones, and Resistance are the main teams useable in P4 for >2% damage runs.  Resistance and Clones are capable of soloing or nearly soloing P4.   


Rebel teams have a lot of variants.  Clones and Resistance do not.  I will list some of the strongest Rebels here but won't give gameplay examples. 


The biggest single need to have big damage runs in P4 is speed.  Just as with P2 you need speed to be able to go before the turrets and then you need TM gains and big damage to stay ahead of the big guns.  For Clones and Rebels you also need health/protection restoration as you go.  Resistance can survive without much health regeneration because of their ability to effectively 'freeze' turrets. 


1)  Resistance Team:


zFinn, Poe, RT, RP, R2D2 (preferably with Number Crunch zeta'd)



This team is identical to P2/P3 teams but with R2 necessary to keep squad buffed during the bomb strafing run.


2)  Princess Zody Clones:


Cody (l), Fives, Echo, Clone Sgt., Princess Leia



3)  Rebels


These are sorted by known max damage runs.  While Wedge, Biggs, and Lando are essentially required use the rest based on pairing with other teams in HAAT.  IE. if you use R2D2 with Resistance in P3 plan on using the second group for P4 Rebels.


Wedge (l), Biggs, Lando, Ezra, R2D2 (zeta on Number Crunch)

Wedge (l), Biggs, Baze, Leia, Ezra

Wedge (l), Biggs, Ezra, Chirrut, Baze

Wedge (l), Biggs, Lando, Leia, Raid Han

Wedge (l), Biggs, Lando, Leia, Akbar


All of these teams are capable of 1-2 million.   The first team, with minimal mods, can do up to 5 million.  However the mechanics are fairly complicated compared to some of the other teams.  One of the more important mechanics to understand is that B2s only use their debuff AoE if a visible character has a buff.  So when you have applied R2s smokescreen to himself to make the other 4 rebels invisible you can use Lando/Wedge AoEs the moment R2 loses his advantage/foresight buffs.  Do not use their AoEs if there are any visible toons.


I have not seen any videos of Rebels+Ezra but have seen screenshots. 





4)  zVader


zVader, zSid, Barris, Tusken Shaman, Boba Fett:


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I'll do better next time. Actual paying attention important and hard to do on weekends.


Doing it on the weekend was pretty annoying. I was only able to get in 10 or so Kylo runs.  Then I left a couple million at least on the board P2 with my Resistance because i just didn't have enough time.   I got in a good (maybe great) Chirpatine run but didn't have time to switch my good mods for followup runs (zVader, Droids).  I started P4 and did 2 or 3 test runs w/o switching mods before it closed out.   If we do it again we'll do it on a weekday.  I can work around my work.  I have way more trouble working around my family.  Driving, doing yardwork, and watching kids at the pool don't really allow for a lot of time staring at an iPhone.

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So for the record, Poe SPEED, potency on the rest? Including Finn and Rey?


For the record:

  • Poe speed 100% focus until >233. Then supplement with potency. Ideally 4xSpeed, 2xPotencywith a potency primary cross. That gets him around 50% potency.  But having >233 enables him to go first against turrets. 
  • Rey is 100% crit damage/crit chance. She does not need speed at all. Feel free to replace her speed arrow with offense. Health/protection/defense focus everywhere else. 
  • Finn is 100% potency. After Poe takes speed secondaries Finn should get the priority as he has no other TM gain mechanic
  • RT is 100% potency. Speed is slightly less important for RT than Finn as RT gains tons of TM from his basic in addition to the exposes.
  • RP can be 100% potency but feel free to add some CC or even CC/CD mods if you feel like it helps. RP will gain TM when she crits. 

People are soloing by removing potency and adding offense.  Overall that means that with good expose RNG they can complete phases faster.  However in farming runs I suspect that they have more frequent low damage runs than with a potency focus even if they have a bigger top run.  Personally I still run mostly potency on everyone but Rey. 


R2 is the only one that changes a bit.

  • R2 in P3 should run potency with speed.  He needs to keep everyone invisible while stunning the droids.
  • R2 in P2 should be focused on speed or CD/CC.  He has no need for potency.
  • R2 in P4 should be focused on CC/CD with some potency.  He can apply

Zetas are zFinn for all phases, R2 number crunch all phases, and Rey's daze zeta for P4. 

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