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DGG Ep. 103 - 6/2/17

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DGG Ep. 102 - 5/19/17  Outline and Show Notes
Role Call
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Father Time - Parenting (round table)

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ESRB - Saw - http://www.esrb.org/ratings/Synopsis.aspx?Certificate=29667&Title=SAW+II%3a++Flesh+%26+Blood

            *Read like Jigsaw*


Play Time
Damian -
Jeremy - 
Dan - 
Christian -

Metacritcal - Guess the game!!!

Movie/TV Talk
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Christian - The worst game of the year. Graphics - 2007, not 2017. Story - an endless gathering of notes and audio files. Music is a farting and set of annoying sounds. The gameplay is the destruction of the endless spam of monotonous enemies and crafting cubes.

The game resembles a mixture of BioShock and System Shock. This game has no originality and is terribly boring.


Damian - If you love the idea of exploring a space station overrun by alien, collecting tons of loot, craft any item you need and use space magic to take the form of a coffee cup... then this game is for you!

The game is challenging but never unfair, solid experience, around 25/30 hour for first run.

The two only complains are the 2 loading screen (why two?) and the respawning enemies (why do I need to kill the same 3 enemies when going through certain places?).


Dan - This is only the second game this year (persona5) that has made me more impressed than its forebearer and made me smile in awe. I was careful not to watch any spoiler videos so as to go in blind and it was the right choice.

If you like space, or psychology, or horror or art you need to play this game. It is longer, funner and mindblowingyer than you think. So quit reading reviews and just get it. You wont regret it. I dont say that much these days.


Jeremy - The demo was great - it saved me from spending money on this piece of garbage. It reminds me of a game created for a high school project, with its outdated graphics, bland enemies and feeble, unoriginal story. Do yourself a favour and play the demo before spending any money on this.

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