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Granted I'm not very far advanced up the tech tree research tree (tier 7 US and tier 3 non US, and budyonny and leader from the Graf spee missions )


But I was gathering your guys opinions as to what tech tree ships would you guys consider keeper ships? Especially as I move up above tier 3


This is what I've come up with with what I've personally played so far


Japan:. Umikaze

US: St. Louis, Wyoming, Clemson, Cleveland

Russia: bogytyr budyonny

U.K.: Leander

France: none so far

Germany: Dresden


As I'm unlocking ships and moving up, I'm selling the old one.


I've unlocked the tier 7 Mahan and Pensacola but was disappointed that the discounts are only for tier 8-10 this weekend so I'll have to wait a little longer or just bite the bullet and pay full price.

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Not including tier 10s or premiums:

USN: Clemson, Pensacola, Benson

IJN: Kawachi, Fuso, Amagi, Myoko,Hiyru

KM: Konig, Bismarck, Dresden, T-22

RN: Leander and above

VMF: ....

MN (French): Emile Bertin


Just my thoughts. Just because a ship wasn't mentioned doesn't mean I don't think it is good. Just these are ships I have had fun in and feel do well. If I have not played a ship since Beta, or have yet to get to it in the current trees, I did not include it here.

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USN: St. Louis, Phoenix (I know, I know, but for some reason, I'm really good in her), Cleveland, Clemson, Nicholas, Fletcher.


IJN: Haven't found one worth keeping yet. They all play the same to me, so it's like having the same ship, just a Tier higher. Not worth keeping, IMHO. Exception is Akizuki, because she's so different.


German: Nurnberg, Bayern, Gneisenau


RN: Fiji, Edinburgh, Neptune, not to Minotaur yet, but I'm sure I'll love her as well.


Soviet: Same comment as IJN, all feel the same, not worth keeping, IMHO.


French: not loving the line, but doing ok with it. Haven't kept any yet, and I'm to T6.

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USN: Benson & Cleveland. (The premium ships for the USN are far superior IMO)

IJN: Shiratsuyu, Kongo, and Fuso

USSR: Budyonny

German: Roon, Gneisenau, and Bismarck

UK: Fiji (Once you get the Minotaur you wont care about the other ships in this line Hahahaha)

France: TBD

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