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Also there is the new PVE missions, just tried to do  one and, you need to be in  a division to drop in, I think you can have up to seven players in a division,  not sure about that. I watched flamu play a match on youtube about it, it


looks interesting.

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I tried it once to see how the scenario missions run...   It really relies on a lot of teamwork and the team wins or dies as a team.

We can't get pubs to work together as a team,    It looks like it would be easier if folks in a division are into this do this together.


I guess it sprobably like a Kubayashi Maru scenario - the bad guys keep coming and they up-tier as each wave attacks.  Meanwhile you're left with dwindling health and losses as each individual ship goes down.

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Yea Halloween showed that. Trying to get those guys to work well together was nuts and I gave up. Looks like this will be more interesting to try, and maybe being around longer will let people get used to it. But grouping up will be a must at the start.

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