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Hey guys, was just wondering if anyone was still playing or not. My brother brought the game up a couple weeks ago and mentioned how he's swimming in Cartel Coins from having the authenticator on his account this whole time while we haven't been playing. It got me thinking that it wouldn't be a bad idea to get an authenticator back on my account for when I do decide to try it again, even if it'll cost me paying for a subscription for a month to do it. I poked around (mostly to make sure that I remembered what password I used for it) and found out you no longer have to be subscribed to add the authenticator.


Anyway, I looked around a couple of my characters and I have a question. I did the vast majority of my playing back when it was still pay to play. I stopped mostly for financial reasons (and then-girlfriend-now-wife complaining I spent too much time on it  :tongue) and then played for a little bit after it went free to play, but I had a big issue with the fact that I had to buy the unlock to be able to use all the action bars and artifact items, etc.  Anyway, I have a level 40-something character and 2 level 30-something characters that are what I'm mainly concerned about.


Here are my questions for anyone that may still play the game:

1) What server(s) are you on?

2) With the HUGE changes since I played last, would I still be fine learning how the skills etc work or would it be easier to start over and have the game bring me along?

3) I have a free boost to create a character for either expansion, should I use it and if so, which expansion should I boost him/her to (level 60 or 65)?


Thanks guys, and may the force be with you!

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