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DGG Ep. 100 - 4/8/17 Outline and Show Notes

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DGG Ep. 100 - 4/8/17  Outline and Show Notes

Role Call

Guest Dad -


Father Time - Parenting (round table)






Christian -

Damian - busted phone, lost partner, Tristan driving, Monster truck rally, wife selling posh, 

Dan - don't worry....won't talk about all of this....Daughter lost her first tooth (finally), assembling furniture with kids help, sibling rivalry (or war), Blue Jackets (hockey) and getting kids into hockey, Escape Room, kids shooting rifles, 

Jeremy - Daughter Bday




BUT you must insert this gem for heard dialogue in the game as this is under the regular, PS3 edition.

"“I think your stupid t*ts are each the size of a whole cooked turkey.”"




Play Time

Damian - ME:A

Jeremy - MEA

Dan - Horizon (cleared), Overwatch

Christian - 


Metacritcal - The 100


Movie/TV Talk

Christian -

Damian - X-Men Apocalypse, Star Wars Clone Wars, Trial & Error

Dan - Logan, Ghost in the Shell

Jeremy - TWD spoiled



Feedback -

Site Info


Online Man-Cave for Dads

We are Dads first and everything else second


Zazzle store


Wrap Up

E-mails/feedback from listeners

Contact us podcast@dadshideout.com

@DGGPodcast on Twitter

DGGPodcast on Facebook

@Aftrthought051, @Ruiner2 @Dadshideout

Questions, comments, hate mail

Find, listen and rate on


Google Play

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Jeremy (positive): Very Will donne show. The first 3 chapitres are just ok but then it start to grow on you.

I loved the ending that leads to the season 2 where much more is explained.
Great show almost for free on NetFlix


Dan (negative): The teenagers' dialogue felt as if it was written by a 15yr old girl who watches too much MTV, and apparently in this future teenagers are mentally challenged. As a lover of hard sci-fi, I've tried to stay with this show, but in two episodes they have shown people dodging bullets! I don't know about you, but that insults my intelligence! I'm now convinced this series is made for clueless millennials.


Christian (positive): well i'm her too late because i just watched this on MTV. this serie is reallyyyyyy amazing, its soo different to anything i saw before. i really loved the cast and the story is soo unique. i need to watch the 2nd season right now.


Damian (negative): The acting is horrible and the teenage characters are written like schizophrenics. They are brave, weak, smart and incredibly dumb all at the same time. I'd have never thought that people in such constant fear of dying could find so much time to screw. I welcomed the breaks when the station was in space, there was some really cool sci-fi goin on up there. Season 1 and done.

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