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DGG Ep. 99 - 3/24/17 Outline and Show Notes

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DGG Ep. 99 - 3/24/17  Outline and Show Notes

Role Call

Guest Dad -


Father Time - Parenting (round table)






Christian -

Damian - son driving, daughter-mom-religion, gardening, new dog toys, wife on intermittent fasting, kids weight

Dan - Daughter lost her first tooth (finally), assembling furniture with kids help, sibling rivalry (or war),

Jeremy - tongue tied, the finger, jobs




Play Time

Damian - Wildlands, Wildlands HQ

Jeremy - Horizon, Mass Effect Andromeda MP, backlog challenge part deux

Dan - Horizon (still)

Christian - 


Metacritcal - Mass Effect Andromeda


Movie/TV Talk

Christian -

Damian - Logan, The Chase, Turbo Kid, Stranger Things, Iron Fist

Dan - Logan,

Jeremy - Iron Fist, 




Feedback -

Site Info


Online Man-Cave for Dads

We are Dads first and everything else second


Zazzle store


Wrap Up

E-mails/feedback from listeners

Contact us podcast@dadshideout.com

@DGGPodcast on Twitter

DGGPodcast on Facebook

@Aftrthought051, @Ruiner2 @Dadshideout

Questions, comments, hate mail

Find, listen and rate on


Google Play

Windows Marketplace


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Dan (positive) - 95% of these user reviews are **** and its obvious almost all of them havent played the game their trashing. Its pretty clear, they are just butt hurt snowflakes that are upset about ONE stupid guys racial comments while he was working at bioware, and was fired. i have almost 20 hours of time in and havent encountered ONE bug. Im telling you, most of the reviews are non sense.


Jeremy (negative) - Bioware can suck it! Propaganda at it's finest. They should just change thier name to SocialWare, since the main premise of this game is all about how many snowfakes you can pack onto this sorry excuse of a snowman.


Christian (positive) - Bunch of you cucks didn't even play this game. You don't know **** about **** but you're gonna learn it as you keep playing. Exactly like how EVERYONE felt in Mass Effect 1. Game feels like playing Mass Effect 1 for the first time. No one started Mass Effect 1 knowing every goddamn thing about Mass Effect in the first millisecond. There is hardly any loading time and if you do see a mess: Your PC is garbage, go buy this game on console.

For Mass Effect Veterans, stop being **** you know this fits into the lore. Do you honestly believe ALL of the Milky Way stayed in the Milky Way? Go back to those games, they talked about explorers.


Damian (negative) - I'm just so angry of this **** game and SJWare. The facial animation and female characters are just ridiculous and ugly af. I still cannot believe that SJWare spent FIVE years and 40 million$ on this game. They are so rude and unrespectful to the fans and Mass Effect comunity by making such a disgusting game. I'm so angry right now typing this and the game should be named MESS Effect instead.

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