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SWGOH: Gear Donation Recommendation

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Seems like some folks already do this, but wanted to throw it out there and see if anyone has any feedback on this idea:


It seems like the gear acquisition mechanic in the game is a little unbalanced, and we often end up with lots and lots of certain pieces of gear and not nearly enough of some items we desperately need. I'm sure that in some cases there would be examples where "one man's trash is another man's treasure" but the impression I get is that everyone is trying to get the same small pool of items to upgrade their characters' gear level.


Since I don't really have any expectation of people surrendering their hard-earned rare gear pieces so I can gear up my toons faster, I generally request items that I have stockpiled in the hundreds, reasoning that if I'm able to pick them up in such large quantities, and they're sitting in my inventory doing me no good, then others are probably in the same boat with these particular items, and are therefore more willing to donate them in the guild donation function.


Since there are achievements and rewards (sadly, no Vader shards for me, yet) from guild donations, it seems like a good way to make use of this function is for people to just request items they have in excess, increasing the likelihood that others can donate and earn towards their achievements and rewards.


It seems like some folks are already doing this fairly regularly, and I've been trying to do it as often as I remember. I hope it's helping some folks earn rewards, and I appreciate the other guildies who are tossing me slow pitches to help me earn donation rewards. Thanks!

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The rule of thumb is to request gray/green/blue gear that you have a lot of if you want to help people work towards Vader achievements.  You should always have a request going.  If you are a new account you should be requesting things that are used early in game but not needed much late game.  Things that can be farmed from T4/T5 of the daily challenges are great farming targets for newer players.


I've reiterated a dozen times or so to people to stop requesting the least available gear.  Requesting things like stun cuffs is fairly idiotic since no one has any to spare.  What people should be requesting is pit raid gear.  While you can only get 2 per request there is a legit over-supply of that gear for some people who need others.  For example I have plenty of Nubian discs but no where near enough droid callers.   I request the latter and constantly look to fulfill the former. 


That being said request what you want to request.  The system is fairly dumb (it should be a trade system where you offer gear in exchange for gear) so its not surprising that its hard to make effective use of it.

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