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Hey peeps!!!!


Wanted to make a quick announcement about our new Admins

I know that us admins haven't been doing a 'terrific' job at being on the forums and maintenance and stuff. So we've had to enlist some help.

A couple of weeks ago we put a post in the Moderators forum asking for people that were interested in filling the admin role and have had some various IT experience. The reason why we put the request in the moderators board and not in the the general board is because we wanted to leave it open to the Mods to 'step up' if they wanted to.


So...that being said we received two responses and now have two new Admins.


xJediDadx and thedakar are our new admins for the site. They're going to help out and clean up the joint as Aftr and I have failed in some ways.


We hope that everyone will be cool with this addition to the site's management. We want this place to continue to grow in different ways. We needed help. So we got it.


Welcome xJediDadx and thedakar to the fold!


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I thought that was you after closet time?!  :lmao2


Thanks everyone, we'll try not to burn the place down like Pitts wanted to do.

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