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M53/55 Ace/Gore's with sphincter tightening ending. I will admit, this game had my heart pumping: http://wotreplays.eu/site/4433411#redshire-blackroan-m53_m55

That was so wrong. I hope your crew enjoyed the croissants and coffee.

I'll have to watch this later at home... But I feel like I need a shower already. Did you have a shower after this?!?

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Nice game Black. I like the little cut left when you saw the 261 in the cap circle, that's what made him miss and hit the building.


One of the things I will miss with the new mechanic is the ability of arty to carry games like this. I know I'm in the minority there, but I enjoy it

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Lorr 155 51 comes down to 3 v 1, but I am awesome and they should have just surrendered   :smile2


I run Binocs over camo net because I find it much more useful in situations just like this.



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I was on fire this game. RNG seemed to go out of it's way to be my best buddy. A couple shots should have done no damage but ended up being 1 shot kills. 5 kills and 1130 points of damage in my M44. I already unlocked the next level of arty, just picking up last bits of "research" in this tier before buying the next model up.



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