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Ark Survival Evolved servers?

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So was going to be playing borderlands 2 with my daughter and within 20 minutes remembered why this game was in the trunk and not on the shelf. The language was a bit too much for my 11 year old daughter to hear and after looking everywhere I could think of for other games we could play. Saw Ark was on sale on steam and looks like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Lost World which seems really cool. Bought 2 copies today and now need to find a server that is family friendlyish. If any of you guys are playing or have a server could you shoot me a message or let me know here? Would love to get started today if possible.

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I've only played Ark on the XB1. I don't believe that the PC version has any open voice chat to worry about for language.

The game is totally about survival... everything from killing animals for eating and finding water for drinking to making a fire to stay warm at night. For the most part, people seem to get a long, but there are rogues in every server I've been in that just want to be a pain.


The best bet is finding people that will help you and that you can grow with. The best and worst parts of the game can be the community. But most people seem friendly enough in my experience and are willing to help in exchange for your helping them. Changing servers is a full reset on your progress and you start from scratch again. It can be frustrating to do that more than a few times, so hopefully you find a server you like early on.

There is a server that I found on a reddit thread someone made for his child.

Here is the thread:


And here is the server contact info link:


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I'm on a server ran by a friend, open to anyone. Got a few of us friends and the em some random people. I'll try to find the info for people to join if they want... If not, just friend me on steam and use me to find it.


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Alright, looks like the name is 15xEXP/Tame-10xHarvest-StackMod-25 Diff. It's on the map "The Center" instead of the original "The Island." As stated before, it's an open server, the more people populating it, the better, so anyone can feel free to get on it with us!

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