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DGG Ep. 96 - 2/10/17 Outline and Show Notes

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DGG Ep. 96 - 2/10/17  Outline and Show Notes

Role Call
Guest Dad -


Father Time - Parenting (round table)



Christian -
Damian - long winded son, daughter problems
Dan - Cub Scout campout, daughter sick, back into the workout routine
Jeremy - Kids and the crud, Good PTC's, math blaster



ESRBeware - For Honor http://www.esrb.org/ratings/Synopsis.aspx?Certificate=34739&Title=For+Honor

Play Time
Damian - Wildlands
Jeremy - TCGRWL Beta, For Honor, Fire Emblem Heroes, Gwent, Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone
Dan -
Christian -


Metacritcal -


Movie/TV Talk

Christian -
Damian - Impractical Jokers with wife, Voltron, Now You See Me 2
Dan - Penny Dreadful, Superbowl
Jeremy - Suicide Squad, The BFG, The OA




Feedback -

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Wrap Up
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Destiny Rise of Iron


Damian (negative): destiny is not a game, it's a huge pile of garbage. Everything is wrong in this game. Bungie are a lazy bunch of guys who just want make money the easiest way possible: for exemple: the rooster of the game is very poor, and the only idea of Bungie: just change the skin of the ennemy... that's all... The first raid was interesting... but all the others are really poor in comparison. (2 hours to complete the rise of iron... what a shame)... So their only reply: push the difficulty.... Brillant....


Christian (positive): This expansion, with the largest ever light level increase, introduces a very entertaining spin on existing and expanded areas with tons of new upgrade options, a new year three book to fulfill and much more. I can't wait for the new raid...Basically if you ever enjoyed your time with Destiny you are going to want to get this. I threw my wallet at Bungie a long time ago, so should you.


Jeremy (negative):  Second worst attempt by Bungie, right behind The Dark Below. Anyone who has actually played the game will tell you that its another reskin of the same old things. Cinematics are not entertaining, story is true Bungie narrative, which is "go figure it out yourself" and the price of $30 usd for a 1 hour campaign is the greatest bait and switch ever achieved. The time lock content is another poor excuse for running out of creative ideas. Even the raid felt like a desperate attempt to be complex. It was really short lived and easily conquered with a low light level. This is the 4th installment and still no story behind the Traveller and let alone you, as the chosen Guardian. Bungie has failed yet again and only time will tell how many more attempts they will get at making this "experiment" ,as they claim, successful. Seriously though, why are we even fighting anymore?

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