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DGG Ep. 95 - 1/27/17 Outline and Show Notes

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DGG Ep. 95 - 1/27/17  Outline and Show Notes

Role Call
Guest Dad -


Father Time - Parenting (round table)



Christian -
Damian - the broken phone, daughter acne, doctor appt.
Dan - Pinewood derby recap, Son's b-day sleepover, tonsillitis,
Jeremy -



ESRBeware - Torment: Tides of Numenera  http://www.esrb.org/ratings/Synopsis.aspx?Certificate=34659&Title=Torment%3a+Tides+of+Numenera


Play Time
Damian - FFXV, 
Jeremy -
Dan - Battleborn,
Christian -


Metacritcal - La La Land


Movie/TV Talk

Christian -
Damian - Wife Swap, Seven Year Switch, YouTube
Dan - Dark Matter, Passengers
Jeremy -




Feedback -

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La La Land -   607 positive    46 mixed     36 negative


Christian (negative) - my wife and i went to see this on my birthday. the best and most affecting emotional part of this movie was when it said THE END! i almost cried with overjoyeous relief of being rescued.


Dan (negative) - Absolute dog crap film. I have seen better stuff while watching youtube. If you want to plat a good musical plat the effing mariomovie. its more catchy then this!


Damian (negative) - This is the most overrated pile of crap i have ever seen in my life. It is so amatourish. Not to sure about the storyline as i gave up on it as it was just stupid. I cant think of anything more boring than this "movie(?????)" Uwe Boll movies seems to be much more entertaining than this.


Jeremy (negative) - Since we're over 60, my husband and I have seen a few movies. This is 2nd one we have ever left and the only one where he has ever fallen asleep. We thought it was like a tired, old, truly corny Hallmark Hall of Fame set to music. I was a bit more patient and got all the way to the hunt for the Prius...really? Gee, I think I know the ending. ; By the way, Hallmark has become a bit more edgey,

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